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I create out of a strong desire to express and know myself and the world.

I've composed music since childhood and never have stopped.

Visual art came later in life.


In 1995, after a virus which effected my hearing and consequently my music teaching, I went to the Sound, Listening and Learning Center in Arizona to restore my hearing. There for a month of sound work I had a deep insight, which opened me more to art. I realized most of us never know our full potential because the inner critic stops us at a certain point in our creative endeavors. I felt like I had no idea of my true potential and right then I made a commitment to explore through the process of line, color and form. I began scribbling, drawing and painting and have experienced the passion for making art grow stronger and the art grow deeper over the years.


Painting for me is an intuitive process which creates a lot of joy in my life. I've been fortunate to have worked with wonderful, world-class mentors in music, art and spirituality who have encouraged me to continue to explore and share my truest voice through creativity. I currently paint, illustrate, compose and facilitate music making in North Carolina. .